Software Engineer/Designer Internship, User Interface Development

Department: Engineering

Location: 320 Congress Street, Boston MA 02210.

Join a company and be a key part of the Engineering team that provides the hardware, software, and certification platform that brings AI to aviation applications and enables unmanned air vehicles to be used for transportation and other missions.

Autonodyne is a well-funded young company focused on becoming the kernel for unmanned aerial flight. With a world-wide perpetual software license in place with Avidyne that covers $100M in aviation technology IP, expertise in aviation system certification, and a growing customer set, Autonodyne will develop, and if desired by the customer, certify systems and software for civil and defense aircraft that operate without a traditional pilot. While there are many companies providing products and services to the growing UAS market, we already have all of the necessary building blocks and move at higher clock speeds than the competition and are unique in that we are also experts in national and international certification which allows these products to be flown anywhere. Autonodyne is located in Boston, Massachusetts (and has a presence in Concord MA, Burlington MA, Dayton OH, Colorado Springs CO, and greater Los Angeles CA) and is looking for software engineers who are passionate about artificial intelligence algorithms and the UAS/UAV/Unmanned space. This position reports to the Vice President, Engineering.

This is a paid internship position. Timing of the internship is flexible – it may run during the summer months or academic year, or both.

Position Summary:

As a Software Engineering Intern or Designer Intern specializing in user interface, you will be assist in designing and implementing various advanced graphical techniques and presentations of information to be hosted in airborne vehicle mission computers and control stations. These systems are designed for UAS/UAV/Unmanned aviation applications ranging from small, single-person vertical takeoff and land (VTOL) aircraft to multi-passenger air vehicles of varying design to high speed military drones. The job will entail integrating the pilot/controller user interface with the vehicle autonomy and AI in aviation applications. The emerging Urban Air Mobility class of aircraft is a focal point as well as many defense-related projects. You should also expect to interact directly with customers and assist in business development efforts.

The Autonodyne products are currently a mix of existing product sets and many that are under development or haven’t started yet. We place a strong emphasis on graphical user interfaces (GUI) and natural user interfaces (NUI) and are seeking to integrate some forms of naturalistic interfaces like speech and gesture recognition with augmented reality devices to create a next-generation of control stations and on-board control panels.

Single operator control and management of n >> 1 vehicles (e.g. swarming) is an important part of the job. Simplified Vehicle Operations (SVO) for more traditionally manned aviation will also require new ways to present aviation and vehicle state relevant information.

These user interfaces can be on the airborne vehicles themselves, on fixed location ground stations, or on mobile device control stations.

We will be a focused team of engineers primarily based in the Boston area working on a number of rapid-paced, high-energy programs. In short, you will be at the center of making the products a reality.


  • Analyze problem space and design requirements to determine the optimum human-machine interfaces to apply to autonomous or non-traditionally piloted aircraft
  • Design next-generation human-machine interfaces for defense and civil flight applications
  • Storyboarding
  • Working with the rest of the Engineering team to create design iterations that are productizable
  • Present the human-machine interface designs to various internal and external customers
  • Help design and implement next-generation user interfaces for airborne operators, ground-based operators and military battlespace managers for civil and defense related aerial systems
  • Push the boundaries of the use of augmented and virtual reality devices into aviation applications
  • Potentially implement the designs in code (C/C++, iOS, Android, Unity, etc)
  • Integrate these user interfaces with the rest of the mission management system that is designed to be hosted on the vehicle mission computer hardware and control station system
  • Run simulations, as necessary, to validate and enhance system/software performance
  • Support flight test, as required

Skills and Core Competencies:

  • Interest in human-machine interface concepts
  • Highly capable in sketch and visual image presentation
  • Familiarity (Fluency desired) in Photoshop, Illustrator, or equivalent tools
  • Proficient in coding in Unity highly desired
  • Comfortable in simulation environments
  • Graphical-intensive coding methodology knowledge desire
  • Computer gaming interests/experience is desired
  • Science fiction genre interest desired
  • Expertise (or high desire to gain expertise) in graphical user interface and natural user interface methodology, especially involving augmented reality devices (e.g. Microsoft Hololens, Meta, etc)
  • Ability to code in C/C++ desired
  • Ability to code in C# desired
  • Ability to code in iOS environment desired
  • Comfortable in simulation environments required
  • Other engineering-oriented and mobile device coding language knowledge desired
  • Ability to work in small, tight-knit and agile teams essential
  • An unstoppable drive to win


  • BS (or higher) degree in Computer Science or equivalent (or in-process) desired, OR
  • Graduate of a design school, specializing in human-machine interfaces preferred or equivalent


  • Very familiar with computer gaming implementations and designs from both a developer and user perspective
  • Experience (or a very strong interest) in UAS/UAV/Unmanned systems and/or robotics, especially in the avionics domain is highly desired


  • • No known travel expected but should be considered possible.

Other Criteria:

  • US Citizenship required


Please email your resume in MS Word, RTF, HTML, or ASCII text format to the address below. If you wish to enclose a cover letter, please include it in the body of your email message.

Email your resume.

Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer

Autonodyne provides equal employment opportunity for all applicants and employees. We do not unlawfully discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, ancestry, genetic information, national origin, gender, age, marital status, sexual orientation, veteran status, family care status, pregnancy, childbirth or related medical conditions, physical or mental disability, medical condition, or with respect to any other protected class.